"My First Homepage" by M. Ploeg

Where can we go to from here?

Televized Oil®
Here you can see some GIF representations of the paintings I showed last year at galerie van Rijsbergen (R.I.P.) in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The original paintings were made with Oud Scheveningen® oil paint on canvases of plus minus 100 X 100 cm
"My Next Show"
Gives you an insight in the sketches I'm making for my next show. (April 1995)
"Stained Glass"
Page about the stained glass window I'm currently making for the Rijksbouwmeester.
Amiga maniacs
A page for the last few surviving Amiga users. Has some cool little animations, visible on the Amiga ONLY. Perhaps later translations to other platforms will be include but for now QT, FLI, MPEG etc. files tend to grow to immense sizes.

I'm under construction but you can still email me: mploeg@xs4all.nl