Televized Oil® by M. Ploeg

All the icons are less than 1 K. The bigger pictures are around 5 K.

Three eyed monster TV hangman Bug!

Bugs brother Stupid Huh?

Moi... Invissible Cubist Shortarmed

Tintin With dick Pixel Picasso 27

On Her Majestys Esthetic Service Weak

All pictures are ©1994/1995 by M.Ploeg, Amsterdam, NL.
Off course the original paintings were different from the things you can see here: more painterly skin, straight lines not-that-perfect etc. In a day or two I'll put some JPEGS of the paintings here.

Okay, that was the old stuff. Currently I'm preparing a stained glass window for a jail in Groningen, and paintings to be shown in Metis Galery, Amsterdam.