Endangered Species Amiga Page by M. Ploeg

This page is not fully working. It's here for my own test purposes!

Here some animations & sounds for Amiga users, like me.
To have as much fun as possible, play the sound files (where available) simultaneously, and loop both the animation and the soundtrack (which is BTW in SUN audio format..) To make everything extra funny (+; the iff animations carry the .MOV extensions, just to fool XS4all that doesn't seem to send the iff.anims with the appropriate extension! All I would get was some text ("FORM) and for the rest nothing would happen...
In case the animation still doesn't load, I'm experimenting with XPK crunched stuff so you would have to have pdpro (a transparent xpk decruncher that can be found on the Aminet) up & running. Not very difficult.

Cinematics® animation.(29K) Cinematics® soundtrack (25K)
Small iff animation of a piece that originally lasts 60 minutes.

Noise animation (68K) Noise soundtrack (4K)
What do you think?

PARK4D® leader (44K) PARK4D® soundtrack (25K)
The intro of PARK4D®TV, broadcasting every night between 2 & 3 on the Amsterdam cable system. Check out our fascinating homepage soon to be seen on the VPRO WWW server!

More stuff will come...& see you on television!